Thursday, June 11, 2015

Creator and slave

All the stars were shinning bright in the darkened night
The light was dazzling white
But at a distance, not the surface of the blanket of night
Though dazzling white
They were unable to lift the darkness of the night.
What does it mean 
Are they powerless
Without  might? 
Or just that are too far away out of sight.
Given their might and power 
Of the scorching heat and light
That any darkness is alien to them
But in a different world, at a different time frame
On this world they appear as mere twinkles

So does the human life
Sparking somewhere
And powerless elsewhere
As the question is we fit when , how and where
As man is the creator and slave of his own Hour

BBC Documentary: What the Ancients Knew India

Some inspiration for all of us, our story of growth and acheivement.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The waves and shore

The huge waves are coming and dashing against the shore
Thin streaks of white foam lurking to them
The bluishness of the deep sea is no longer apparent
But a muddy hue and turbulence and nothing more

Had it been better if the waves stayed in the deep sea
But alas!
There are no waves in the deep sea

Few foot steps we see near the shore
None knows who came and left
Few small and few big steps
Few shallow and few deep steps
Some going into the sea and further into the ocean
Some away from the sea and into the shore and further to the jungle
Lying wide and dense for sure

A mysticism is lying hidden and exposed at the same time
A humming is audible in an unknown rhyme

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let me be there

Let the night stay a little longer
Let me sleep a bit longer
My dreams engulf me now
In a serene and scenic somnolence
For I fear waking up may ruin my pleasure

Unreal it is I understand
Let me be there for a while
Oh I know this world this life this reality
I have to face forever